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Ultra Microfibers are pleased to present  supreme quality microfiber products.  

The higher quality cloths of 50% polyester /50% polyamide, are very hard to find, and we are pleased to offer them to you!  

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It's finally available - a cloth that has proven to clean better than any known fabric, without the use of chemicals!

Microfiber products help our customers to protect their own health. These products dramatically reduce the amount of cleaning solutions or chemicals normally used, which may be harmful to skin, eyes, nasal passages, and lungs. Health risks such as allergies and other sensitivities associated with using chemicals are reduced.





Environmentally-safe Features:
  • Environmentally safe
  • An alternative way to clean
  • Cleans almost any surface with JUST WATER!
  • Eliminates the use of toxic cleaning chemicals
  • More efficiently than traditional methods
  • Lifts and traps dirt - cleans surfaces better than before
  • Super absorbent, leaving no water behind
  • Shines surfaces lint-free, streak-free
  • Replaces paper towels and sponges
  • Cost effective - saves time and money
  • Outlasts traditional cotton cloth
  • Wash and reuse 
  • Extremely durable
  • Lasts several years - hundreds of machine washings






Having specialized in cleaning products for over 30 years, European manufacturers are the leaders in microfiber design and develpment. Microfiber products used for effective cleaning are composed of very fine split fibers of polyester and polyamide (nylon blend). Most microfiber products are made of 80% Polyester/ 20% Polyamide or 70% Polyester/ 30% Polyamide. The higher quality cloths of 50%/50%, are harder to find. We are proud to have found them and offer them to you!

These unique ultra microfiber cleaning cloths are a safe alternative to chemical cleaning. These truly remarkable products have caused a major revolution in how people approach household and general cleaning. In the last decade consumer's interest in using microfiber cleaning products has increased substantially. They are extremely effective and cleaning involves less physical effort than traditional methods as well as replacing the need of cleaning solutions. Use on just about any surface, with ONLY WATER. The secret is the split ultra microfibers of the cloths. This enables the fabric to clean, without chemicals. Microfiber cloths work effectively to absorb more dirt, dust particles, bacteria and grease without the use of cleaning solutions. The cloths clean and polish most surfaces and especially glass to a streak-free, lint-free shine. Use wet for tough cleaning or dry for dusting. Not only are they environmentally safe and easy to use, they also clean better and faster than traditional cleaning cloths or any other fabric.

Although microfiber cloths and mops cost more initially than non-microfiber products, they are more economical. Thanks to the products long durability microfiber products are very cost efficient, saving you time and money. Because microfiber cleans with just water you don't need to continuously spend money on costly cleaning solutions and paper towels. The highest cleaning performances are guaranteed. No wonder their popularity has grown in the last decade.

These products are of the finest quality, supplied by European companies. Microfiber cloths are currently used on a large scale worldwide and in many diverse industries including hospitals and professional cleaning applications.

We are a supplier of premium microfiber products:
We have been a supplier of premium quality ultra microfiber products since 1999. We aim to provide customers with superior ultra microfiber products that are hard to find in stores, even on the internet. If you are looking for the highest quality, most effective, long lasting and durable cloths on the market, you have found the right website. We have what you've been looking for.

Our premium microfiber cloths are composed of highest quality blends of 50% polyester / 50% polyamide and 70/30%. The fibers are split when manufactured, which is important for it to clean better. For those who simply want economical cloths, we also offer cloths with 80% polyester /20% polyamide blend for all-purpose cleaning.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths available across Canada and USA.

We pride ourselves in providing quality merchandise while holding a high level of customer service and a satisfaction guarantee.



We promise to bring you the best in Ultra Microfiber cleaning technology

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